Picture problem on LG 42PX5D Plasma


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Hi everyone,<O:p</O:p

Firstly I apologise if this is a common question,

Just of late this problem seems to be getting worse,

I am getting what appears to be a flickering on the screen of my LG 42PX5D plasma screen,

<O:pI am getting Blue, Green and red pixels flickering and it seems to be worse on the dark or black areas of the picture

Here are some pics

Any advice or suggestions would be very welcome<O:p




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Any advice would be much appreciated :lease:


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phone LG, it is more than likely a connection to the main board/board fault that is causing this.
i highly doubt is an end user fixable fault.

first thing though, is it on all inputs, or through hdmi, if hdmi, try another cable, in fact try swapping all your cables,and if that doesnt sort it out, contact LG support.

you aren't alone though :

have a read of these topics also :
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Thanks RottenFox, sounds like as you say I am not alone,

Dug out the warranty paperwork and thank god, the three year warranty runs out in April :rolleyes:

Originally purchased from Currys, so going to call them in the morning

Thanks again


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