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Sep 6, 2001
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I had sky+ installed 2 wks ago with a v1 box.Picture was crystal clear in bedroom with remote eye.
I had to have a replacement unit though because i couldnt record anything.
A v2 box arrived which i was chuffed with.Anyhow,everything was fine apart from a really grainy picture in the bedroom.How do i get my crystal clear picture back ?
Is there something i have to do in the menus?
I have activated the rf out2 in the menu,is there anything else i should do?
Im wondering if there is something not quite right with the coax interconnect to the tv in the bedroom.I can pull the connector up and down the cable a little bit, is this the problem?

Please help,cant stand much more of these analogue looking pictures.

Im not an expert, but if the picture's bad on the link suspect the cableing or the link its self first. I've not heard of the problem before, but if you try the downstairs tv in the RF (link) socket, both with & without the link, you should be able to identify which it is (then repair or replace). Links seem pretty reliable, & are just for the remote, try the cable straight into the tele to see what the PQs like. Just a thought is the bedroom tele on the right channel?
Could be that the RF channel is different to the V1 box and it's getting interference from another unit (VCR/DVD Recorder/Sky Box) or terrestrial channel due to the RF setting being the same as, or close to another signal. Try changing the RF channel setting on the sky box and re-tuning the TV.

Good Luck

Cheers for the replies Stowitbelow & Dr Downey,
I double checked the channel in bedroom (retuned twice)
I will try all the alternatives as mentioned and will let you know how i got on.

Cheers again.
Changed various rf channels on digibox.Found channel 66 to have the best picture, (was 68).

Although picture has improved there is still some minor interference,dont know if im being too picky now.

The eyelink is plugged into video recorder then arial lead to tv.Maybe interference going on there.

Will try the rf (link) in downstairs tv to see what pic quality is like when mrs has gone to bed.(IM a celebrity get me out ahere,good job its the last one.) Enjoyed it really :)

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