Picture 'popping' with KV28LS35


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I have an ITV Digital box connected via RGB passthrough through my Pioneer DVD player to the Sony KV28LS35 TV.
Sometimes when I'm watching digital TV there is a loud pop and the screen goes blank for a split second, displays 'wide' at the bottom of the screen like an aspect switch and then the picture returns.
It doesn't happen when watching analogue TV.

Is this likely to be a problem with the TV? Any ideas anyone?

cheers for any help,


Andrew McP

No real ideas, but I'd certainly check that this still happens with the digital box fed straight to the TV, no passthrough involved. I've no idea what you do after that, but it seems useful to narrow the problem down.


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I have started the process of trying to narrow in on the problem.
I had started to get the same problem with analogue so I connected the aerial straight into the TV (i.e. not via the digibox) - result, no problems so far and a clearer picture.
I have also had the same problem, albeit less frequently, with the VCR which also goes via the digibox.
I have also checked the connections on the digibox. The kit was connected up by the TV installation 'engineers' when this TV arrived so it could be they didn't seat the connections properly or used a slightly different combination of the various RF coax cables I have.
I suppose I shouldn't be that surpised - the previous TV they installed they left the scart half out of the TV so the digibox RGB feed was all green!

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