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We're considering moving onto a 58" Panasonic LED TV and are intrigued with the following models:
  • TX58HX800B
  • TX58HX820B

From a search, the 820B features "picture-in-picture" but appears to have only one tuner. The 800B lacks the "PIP". Does this mean the 820B can actually do "PIP" but from another source, say a DVD player (via HDMI) while still displaying a Freeview program? Or vice-versa?

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I can't answer your question but I wouldn't get overly intrigued. Panasonic stopped making decent LCD TVs a while ago and outsourced production to Vestel, a Turkish company that makes a range of budget TVs and then sticks a badge on it.

So the same TV is a Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC and cheap supermarket specials.

I believe this actual model is a Panasonic made TV but it's overly expensive and just not that good.



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As @Sloppy Bob says above, Panasonic stopped making good LCD TVs a long time ago; so I would avoid them at all costs.

58” is also a uncommon size, better to go for 65” or if you have too 55”. Some good guides on here to help refine your choices, and some great deals on 2020 TVs right now!

for example this XH9505 is a great TV with very good HDR and often recommended on here (assuming you sit in front of the TV, not too far off centre) for a little over £1.1k!

Keep in mind that modern 4K TVs really shine when you feed them good quality content; they can do ok on free view/free view HD, but don’t expect too much unless you can feed them some HD/4K content (Netflix, blur ray, UHD, etc).

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