Picture distortion on Samsung LE32R41B


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I've had a Samsung LE32R41BD for just over 2 months. It's been working fine, except that on two occasions (once a DVD a month ago, the other a film on TV last night) I've noticed a strange distortion on certain scenes. In both cases it was noticeable on a character's face on a close-up while they were talking, one side of the face seemed normal, but the other seemed to 'wobble' slightly - looked a bit like looking at a warped mirror. It's very subtle - first time you see it looks like your eyes are playing tricks on you.
Has anyone experienced anything like this on this model? Seems a bit odd it's only happened twice in two months - and only lasts a minute or so, rest of the film was fine.

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I've got to be honest. I have seen this once or twice, usually when you see a close up of someones face. I put it down to a crap signal or it just being an old film.
I have never seen it on a DVD or more recent programmes via Freeview, just the older stuff filmed or taped a few years ago.


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I see this fairly frequently when I use the zoom mode to watch 4:3 programs in full screen.
It's as though it's the tv trying to stretch the picture smoothly but not quite getting it right.
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