Picture cut off: Philips 9986


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I dont think this is a problem with the tv as Im sure I had the same issue with my previous (crt) tv. Ive tried all the tv's settings to no avail.

Ive noticed that on many programmes (I have ntl cable) that the left and right sides of the picture is cut off. I can generally only tell this when there are credits or text on screen. It doesnt happen with dvd's.

Im using a good quality scart cable.. Any ideas?


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Sounds like your reciever box is either faulty or isn't correctly set up. Does the TV display standard terrestrial TV OK?



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Yeah, terrestial tv is fine as Ive just compared them. I think ure right - its got to be a faulty receiver.
many thanks.


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First of all, I'm assuming you've set the box to 16:9 wide, from the default setting of 4:3 full?

My NTL cable box (Pace) regularly goes a bit wacky with it's aspect ratio settings, even though it's correctly set to 16:9 wide. The only way to correct it is (in the NTL settings menu) to change from 16:9 wide to 4:3 full, exit the menu, then go back in and change back to 16:9 wide.

It happens every couple of weeks. :mad:

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