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I have searched for a similar discussion on this but thus far not found any.

I've been debating with various people how to get the best picture on a TV.
I use the intelligent sensor setting on my LG TV which I think is excellent and always produces a better picture than anything I can calibrate manually.
However, various people have commented that my picture is too dark in the evening (this is because the intelligent sensor turns the backlight right down when the ambient light in the room is low).
Now I'm starting to agree......I wish it was possible to set a minimum back light level on the intelligent sensor!

I'm now looking at some calibration DVDs...but the question I have is: Is it possible to calibrate a picture that is suitable for all times of the day? For example the Intelligent Sensor is constantly changing the picture settings - most importantly the backlight which during the day is on 100% but in the evening is either 25% or off (not entirely sure)

Earlier I copied all the 'night time' Intelligent Sensor settings into one of the user defined picture modes but increased the backlight to 50%, which is perfect at night but not in the middle of the day.

So is there an accepted 'general' setting that is a good all rounder ie day / night / SD / HD / Sport / normal TV progs OR are people actually switching between all the picture modes depending on what and when they're watching??? And surely a full backlight isn't needed in the evening?

Any hints / tips greatly appreciated.


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