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Picture breakup with Sony VTX-D800U


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I've just replaced my Bush DFTA4 Freeview box with a Sony VTX-D800U and generally am pleased with the overall improvement. Channels which were virtually unwatachable before (Sky Sports News and UK History in particular) are now excellent - BUT on the other hand, ITV1 and Channel 4, which were perfectly OK on the Bush now suffer bad picture and sound breakup - you know, the sound like your granny's budgie is speaking to you :)
I live within 20 miles of a digital transmitter and have a digital compatible arial in the loft and the signal strength in the Sony settings states 'Good' so am at a loss as to why these channels are proving so troublesome. One thing I did spot was that the automatic tuning process allocates ITV1 and Ch4 to frequency setting (?) 25 whereas the digital channel list in the Sony instructions say these two channels should be set to 47 for my local transmitter, however setting them both to 47 manually does not improve things so I'm back to square one! Its frustrating as the overall performance of the Sony is superior to the Bush but the down side is I now have two of the very popular channels affected by bad reception. Is it simply a case of having to erect an outdoor arial?


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Unfortunately I did not receive any replies to my original problem above but I did manage to get round the problem, temporarily, by going through the whole automated tuning process again. This seemed to do the trick as all channels have been performing well for around a fortnight but it seems like it was a short term remedy as one or two are again suffering from picture breakup and occasional sound problems. Channels which are affected this time are Sky News, Sky Sports News, UK History and ITV 3 but the faults tend to be intermittent and are not always evident. I'm using a compatible aerial in the loft and I live less than 20 miles from a digital transmitter so surely poor signal strength shouldn't be an issue? I don't want to have to re-tune all the channels every time this problem raises its head. Am I just expecting perfection and that everyone suffers from these kind of problems with Freeview?? I'd appreciate any comments please.


It sounds to me more like a problem with interference rather than poor signal reception.
Is the coax from aerial to STB double shielded cable? This is recommended as the length of the cable if not fully shielded can act as an aerial, picking up any interference from things such as your boiler, thermostat, microwave etc etc. It is also recommended to have a single cable from aerial to STB, with no wall boxes and fly leads. Another thing that helped with my Freeview picture & sound was plugging the STB into a Belkin surge protector that filters out mains noise.

Like you I have a loft aerial, but I also have a very old aerial with old coax and a wall box and fly lead to the STB. With all these things going against what is recommended I should receive a poor signal. But in fact I get an excellent picture from my Sony STB, so the only guarantee is that there is no guarantee of what sort of reception you will get with Freeview :rolleyes:



I am not an aerial chap myself but I would have thought that you are getting interference wich is being bounced around inside your loft.

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