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I’d appreciate some suggestions

While watching the Drama channel in the UK I’ve noticed that the picture breaks up in or around the 11.00pm mark or coming near the end of a program, either live or recorder, at that time. It doesn’t seem to affect the main UK stations

My setup a Humax Recorder and a Samsung television with the signal into the Humax and out to the tv. The fault occurs if I’m watching through the tv or the Humax

I had thought the aerial connections but then with other stations working fine that doesn’t sound right.

Any ideas


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Drama is on a different multiplex (Mux) to the mainstream channels, so if you watch any of the other channels on the same Mux as Drama (SDN Mux) such as QVC or 5USA, you may find the same problem.

It is quite possible to have problems with all the channels on a single Mux, but one individual channel would be unusual.

One possibility often suggested is interference from an HDMI cable which is close to an aerial cable. Apparently, that can affect a single Mux, though I have no personal experience of this problem. So try making sure that HDMI and aerial cables are as well separated as you can manage.

No doubt there are more possible reasons, which others may suggest.

If you look at this web page:
and click on the arrows at the top of the "Mux" column, you can scroll down and see all the SDN channels grouped together.
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