pics with my new Canon 20D


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Hi everyone - at last I have got my paws on my Canon 20D - purchased from a mate.

I only have the following two lenses at the moment which were given to me

canon EF 75-300mm
Sigma 28-200

Going to get a Canon 50mm 1.8 after Christmas,

Here are some of my first attempts.

Comments would be good - as I am a real novice in the Digital SLR world and want to learn as much as I can.



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First one is nice, very colourful.

Not sure on the second one as the trails look a bit wobbly, difficult to do this without a tripod or IS.

Have you joined the AVF Flickr group?


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Hi - yeah couldnt get the 2nd one quite right - had the camera on a tripod but could not turn the zoom smoothly !!! so it ended up with a couple of wobbles !!! might try with the other lens tonight

Not joined the Flickr group yet - point me in the right direction and I will do it



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I'm yet to join the said group myself!:rotfl:

However I echo Steves comments:

Image one is sharp colourful and the reflections are " sparkling"
( I can just see it on a Christmas card :cool: )

Second I rather like as well but the actual "trails" are a liltle less "sharp" than they could be:

Still as a first attempt you are definitely on course:)

Congrats on your new camera : It is a very nice one :I was going to get it when I got the 350D but couldn't afford it then: I eventually got the 30D and now share lenses between them ( I still have the 350D)

New year resolution ??..start saving up for a 5D in 2007::rolleyes:

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