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Picoreplayer overheating


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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can perhaps help. I have a pi 3b paired with the official touchscreen and a hifiberry dac+pro, running picoreplayer. Had this setup for few years with no issue.

Recently, it has started to display the thermometer image indicating overheating. I have left it on today, not playing anything, and it has been at a steady 62degC, until about 21.45 when it suddenly ramped up as shown below.

Any ideas what could be causing this? I have a passive heatsink on the cpu, could the adhesive thermal pad be failing? Or something else more sinister?

I have ordered some new heat sinks and a double fan hat This one from geeekpi, (needed one that had a header to allow connection to DAC), hopefully this will sort it out.


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