picking up analogue on a freeview box?

Chris Frost

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Can any Freeview boxes also pick up analogue TV?

We use a Sky+ box as the source for our main TV. I'd like to run Sky in to a projector in another part of the house. The Sky+ box has a second RF output that can be controlled independently using a Sky Eye on the RF cable. The problem is in converting RF back to video for the projector.

Ordinarily I would consider using a VCR to do the conversion, but I can't do that in this case. I've also looked for RF demodulaters and TV-to-AV convertors but not found anything yet. Does anyone know if a freeview box would do the trick?

Thanks in anticipation.


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No. Freeview boxes will only receive digital muxes.

If you're trying to keep it all in one box, the only thing close that you might get would be a DVD recorder with both analogue and digital tuners.

But then, of course, you know already that shifting video around using RF is the worst possible way to do it - right?

Have you considered using a video sender, or, better still, cabling up for SVideo or RGB?

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