Question Picked up a Sony XBR65x930e (XE9305) at Auction


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Hi Everyone,

Earlier this year I found a way underpriced open box 9305. Spring 2018 build with only 500hrs usage on it. Only issue is there was some minor damage to the bottom left screen. TV is perfect but there is a slight smear on the anti glare coating. You can only see it on an angle when the TV is off. No big deal but was just wondering if it can be fixed or just live with it. Can't see anything when it's on. I'm guessing the store it came from, one of the salespeople used a cleaner that caused the smearing on the glass coating? Apart from that...what a TV! Everything looks upscaled to 4k with this light canon beast of a TV....really happy with this model. I've included a pic of the screen...if you have any opinions please let me know. It's the verticle smears just above the candle reflection on the screen. Cheers

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