pic settings over composite for bravia v serries



does any one with the sony bravia v series now of any good settings for the wii :lease:


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Um... use a decent cable. But until they're available...

Composite is obviously going to give you fuzzy pictures (bleeding reds especially a problem) and interlacing flicker. I have a bravia s-series, had to dial everything (especially sharpness) way down to get decent pics from dvd/360, but for the wii it might be worth fiddling with the sharpness and colour (at least you should be able to have wii-specific settings on your telly). The composite pics aren't as bad as I feared, but it still won't look very good given the nature of the source and the quality of the screen - best to get an RGB/component cable if they ever appear.


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I have the KDL40V2000 & at the mo using the compo supplied cable, but i have a US Wii not pal though. I had backlight lowest, power saving high, contrast 90, brightness 43, color 55, sharpness 15, color temp neutral, color space wide, live color med, & all other settings like NR etc turned off. The processing clears up all color bleed & the image is quite sharp when still but blurs more than normal when moving but is still pretty good. Maybe a pal machine would need a different color setting than 55 but other options could be right.

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