Piano black high gloss speaker cabinets - getting them 'back to black'


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I recently got an old mini system back and its going to get use in a spare room.

It has those highly shined, glossy piano black speakers cabinets, but the tops of them are scuffed are someone wasn't too careful!

Is there anything you can do to bring them back to some sort of reasonable look? Is there anything I could spray on them? Black gloss paint in a tin?;)


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Is the paint simply dull, or is it scratched through to the undercoat?

One possibility is to polish it with furniture grade paste wax until the scratches are filled in.


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Provided as previously mentioned, the paint isn't removed, how about car colour restorer. Try on inconspicuous part first!


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I use Meguires swirl remover on my black sub, and then a non-silicone wax is ok.. (furniture one is best). It comes up a treat..

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