Piano Black AV Cabinet WANTED !!!



Ok so does anyone know where I can get a Piano Black gloss finish AV cabinet with doors (ie closed front) to have as a free standing piece of kit under my custom painted (Piano Black) Fujitsu 50" plasma panel (many thanks to Fujitsu UK who got it done for FREE !)...

Only problem is now I can't find an AV cabinet to match.... Preferable need a 3 panel version (3 bays by 3 doors = 9 components) and max 650mm tall so it fits in under the centre speaker..An example is something like the following http://www.integratedcinema.co.uk/integratedavcabinet.htm , also see attached picture of my Plasma Panel (what a beauty)

:lease: Help me find a somthing....:thumbsup:


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How about talking to a car spray shop and see what they come up with. They would be able to give you the finish, but i'm not sure about what would be the best surface material to use?


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Get a free standing item from Schmidt Cuisine

You can get them with / without door, smoked glass etc - just configure however you wish

Bernard Barnett

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If you can't find an off-the-shelf version to suit your purpose, Liam at Progressive AV (a member of these forums) can have one made for you. He's making one for me. Be warned though, a bespoke piano black finish done properly is VERY expensive.

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