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hi i needed to design a logo for an assignment im doing at college and just thought id like to see what everyone thinks of it and how i might be able to make it better. one problem i have noticed is that the assignment is about a shop and how many pc's they sell and if you notice i havent put any signs of a computer in the logo can anyone give any ideas on how i can make this look more suitable for a pc shop (i was thinking about putting a laptop behind the army man and reducing the oppacity of it)


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I think it's too agressive and too complicated for a shop logo. Have a look at around at online shops, and see how many of their logos feature soldiers.

I would be inclined to do something much more simple - an outline of a tower, next to a TFT screen with the shop name on the screen.

Logos should be fairly simple. Either a simple design or a stylisation of the company name.


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Yea i got a bit carried away haha i will try anouther one later today i think theres two weeks to complete my assignment im just trying to win best logo design some people in my class are using paint lol i think photoshop will win it. i seem to be scared of colours too i think i go over the top so has anyone got any ideas for a colour scheme if im to design a new one


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how about this one?

A logo should be much simpler.

Do you not have to worry about copyright? I would prefer a silhouetted image, you shouldn't really be advertising anything other than your logo.
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ah i forgot to say im not proffiting from it and its not gunna be for a real shop just a little mess around for an assignment im aware that there is anouther name on the pc itself so i will probably blend it in and also i know its not simple i will think about making it more simple


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You're going to have to go with something much more simple.

Ideally, you want to be able to use a logo in Greyscale and Bitonal forms without compromising the identity.

For example, if you went with a complex colour dependent logo or one with subtle continuous tones, your office stationary costs would rocket. This also applies to advertising in local press and yellow pages etc.

Try and find something that works at 2x2 cm as well as 2x2 metres. Ideally you want it to be vector based, rather than a raster image to avoid the complications with scaling.


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As others have said, if you're designing a logo, it should be simplified almost to the point of being just text. However, if you're going for a Promo image, eg a web banner or magazine ad, then you are more on the right lines.

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Just my basic opinion but you are over-thinking it. Approach it from a marketing angle rather than a design angle...once you have the marketing angle you can tackle the design. Start with paper and pen...then go to the computer and design it. Keep it simple.

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