Photoshop CS2 error


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Decided to load photoshop CS2 onto my laptop as I am so rarely using my desktop these days but cannot get it to run.

When loading the program it seems to run fine but as soon as you click on any of the menu's the menu bar and all the tool windows all go white and "not responding" appears in the title bar. If I load it up via a picture rather than the icon it again appears to run fine but the cursor goes behind all the tool windows and as soon as you click on the picture or menu bar all the tools windows and menu bar goes white - though the picture remains

Loading up the other programs included (ImageReady, Bridge etc) run fine without any problems at all

Pentium M 1.73
2GB DDR Ram 533mhz
Windows XP home service pack 2
Geforce Go 6800 256mb

Any one got any ideas? I have tried reinstalling it and downloading fresh files from Adobe but no joy. :(


This is a going to be a far fetched guess :rotfl: but, --- I have a similar problem on a laptop with near the same spec. Once you have opened it just leave it for a min. I think if i start clicking around too quickly is goes crazy! :rolleyes:
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