Photoshop CS problems with MCE 2005


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I recently bought a new Dell Dimension 9150 (see below for spec) and am having some issues with Photoshop.

I have both CS and CS v2 and they install with no problems and seem to start up ok however when I click on anything all the tool boxes go gray and I have to crtl+alt+del to end the program.

Now, 1st of I went on the Adobe site and tired everything suggested in their troubleshooting guide yet none of it seemed to help, although it was a very good guide.

To begin with I thought it was a font problem so I took all the non Windows standard fonts out of the C:\Windows\Fonts folder, reset my PC and tried photoshop again... but it still crashed when I click on the font selection box...even with only 6 or 7 of the standard fonts loaded.

I also deleted my preferences file, added an external 160GB drive as a scratch disk, etc etc... all to no avail.

So now I'm completely stumped... I've had both versions of CS running perfectly on far lesser spec machines (eg Compaq P3 laptop with 128MB RAM!) with no issues at all, yet I get this new PC and it just seems to crash everytime I open it, as described above.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and managed to fix it? The Adobe website is helpful but I think this might have something to do with MCE, which they dont yet cover on their site. None of the XP fixes seem to work.

Basically, if it comes down to a choice of having MCE or Photoshop on my machine, then it looks like I'll be digging out my old copy of XP Pro. Photoshop is an essential program for me.

Thanks in advance, and if you need me to provide any more info just let me know.

Here's hoping it's something easily fixable :D


Dimension 9150
Pentium D 930 3.0GHz
GeForce 6800
320GB HD (RAID 0)
160GB Icy Box External HD
MCE 2005

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