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Photos of you that are not cringeworthy but you love or mean something to you...memories of any kind that stand out.....hope u have some to post


This is painful but at 14 years old it was not...I was not pregnant but look it in what was called a trad dress 1962...gosh the hair no wonder my school was always at me over makeup, attitude,,,, enough said.
Do you fancy posting a photo also?


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Not really a bad one but I was very drunk when I took this photo. My neighbour Neil Morrisey and me after watching England win 2 years ago.

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Thats is a good one..They do not have to be bad..Just give us all at least a smile would be good and you managed that...hic..,I have a memory of being drunk in a police station the day before my sis was getting wed for the 2nd time....oooo....no photos only fingerprints taken


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Me any my mate.
Both age 16.
Me in the white shirt & black helmet on my Black and Gold Puch Sports JPS moped.
My mate on his orangey colour Yamaha FS1E moped.



Never been on a Motor Bike was more of a mod in the 60's so grease and leathers was not by thing but scooter boys....defo wow ...then I met gerrybuilt in the street outside his lodgings...greasy hair all in a quift style. I said unless you wash that grease out your hair there is no way going to be a date...haha...we did have a 1st date. Thanks for joining in love the both hands planted together like they are clamped in a vice...haha


Motoring through France To Our Home in Spain at the time Gerrybuilt doing his usual a joke any place any where which I now realise 53 years later is his survial kit...thank god


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hi robb

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No idea, definitely not anything illegal. It was a Halloween party and while the drink was free flowing, there was definitely nothing else going on.


Junior school and then Senior school and no it is never me with the knickers showing ok...sorted that out beforehand..knowing what peeps think


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Me "on the bog" letting one rrriiiipp in a cell when we visited Alcatraz two years ago, and very pleasant it was too. :thumbsup:


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