Photography Projects for 2012?


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Morning all,

Firstly a very Happy New Year to one and all :)

So it's a new year - 2012 - I had excepted to be living in a spaceship by now with the Robot Overlords in control (but that's a whole different topic ;) )

I find, especially with a very hectic working life, that having a list of photography project ideas at in my mind, can help when it comes to finding inspiration.

I've listed a few here - got any of your own project ideas for 2012?




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No, but I've just stolen yours, cheers!

It's 2012 and I am documenting the end of the World.
Happy New Year!

The only project I've planned is doing a month by month tutorial to make a calendar of my children for next Christmas as my mum in Belgium requested that :)

Oh and stay away from men with moustaches I've overdone that in 2011...


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Happy New year all :D

I think I would like to maybe concentrate on street shots and events in my neck of the woods as they unfold............and having the Scottish Parliament close by will no doubt help.............I'm sure 2012 will be an interesting year for all and if any of the expected occurrences happen that have been talked about, then it should be - How should I put it? - Hair-raising................ to put it mildly. :eek:

Also lose some weight and walk more................:laugh:

Anyway hope all projects happen and we have a bit more sunshine in the summer like we are supposed to!! :lease:

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