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Hi there,

new to the forum and looking for a drone in the price range of DJI Spark or Mavic Mini with similar features but that has the ability to capture photos in RAW/DNG. I hope someone is able to help. So far I have identified the Yuneec MantisQ and Parrot Bebop 2 but both look like they're ultimately designed more for flying than photography.

Can anyone suggest similar price range drones that capture in RAW/DNG and focus more on photography features than racing/flying features?

Many thanks in advance, there are so many drones out there!!


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I'm not sure about the ability to capture photos in RAW/DNG but I have both the Mantis Q & Bebop , although the the Bebop is version 1 , short flight time model. I think you would regret buying the Mantis Q for any serious camera work. However ,the Mantis G might be a more suitable option. The Q does not use a gimbal to stabilise the video but use the same method as the Parrot models [DIS] ,an electronic image stabiliser which is very good compared the the Mantis quality. I also get superb video quality from my Parrot Disco which I think uses the same camera.
That said , the Mantis is a great little drone . It's small , has a decent battery life and flight time and great to fly. The video in flight is very jerky ,not like the Bebop , but flys great in all conditions. A recent test with the Q proved interesting. I know the horizontal range on mine is not very good and returns many a time by itself at about 200m but the vertical distance is supprisingly good ,not that I would want to try it out on a regular basis. Out in the countryside I thought I would do a height test , I stopped at 330m . The Q was as steady as a rock and I got some great video . It never jumped , just held its position for ages before I brought it back.
The Bebop is another nice little drone , a little dated now but still gives good video. I cannot remember if I've ever taken a still picture with my v1 but the video is great. Does'nt have the folding motor arms like the Mantis and the v1 only flys for 6 or 7 minutes unlike the Bebop2 that will fly for around 25. It flys good in slightly windy conditions too still giving a steady video. The Parrot models have built in memory whereas the Mantis takes a microSD card.
You right about the drones models ,there's hundreds of them. Some good ,some bad , most very bad apart from the better makes of course at the better prices. Do your research and check out the review video's on youtube. Like everything you buy now ,you have to make a check list. Do you want a small folding frame? do you want along flight time? have you set a budget? do you want 4K or less? do you want a drone with smart battery's?
I've been trying to get a drone for a relative and have been pricing the available drones with smart battery's , some can be as much as £130 ............that's for the battery. Still haven't found anything within the budget.
good luck.


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I don’t think you will achieve anything useful at that price , certainly not new , I had the Mavic mini , very good for what it is , upgraded to the Mavic air 2 and it is an amazing bit of kit , not cheap but brilliant at what it does

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