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Photography cupboard(s)

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Deleted member 27989

As it is wet and horrible outside, I decided (ok to be honest my better half decided) to tidy my home office. Priorities first, the photography cupboards.

What do yours look like :)


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I don't have access to Photoshop at this very moment, so I can't fix the White Balance in those old pics. Here is how my mian bag looked some time ago. Another bag, with less important things is up on the loft.

Closed lid

Opened lid

I wish I could keep my main bag as empty as in it was back when those pictures were taken. These days it holds everything I need on a day out with my camera. Spare batteries, filters, holders, torches (2 of them),rain cover, cleaning stuff, 2 bodies, 5 lenses, flash and accesories, wireless and wired remote control, hoods, cables, spare memory cards, triggers, cards, covers...

The bag is always ready to go.

Except the bag there is a full trunk of lighting stuff.


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Oh yes, I'm sure if I ever was in trouble, I could use it as tent and sleeping bag at the same time :)

Don't get me wrong, the bag does look big when you look at it, but I'm sure people would still be surprised if they see just how much of stuff is there inside.

Deleted member 27989

Doesn't look that big to me from the photos...But then again I am used to my Crumpler Daily and Kata Bublebee's...


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Love the accent ;)

What I like the most about this bag, is when I go back home I just secure the velcro straps before and if I ever need the access to the bag indoors when my son is asleep next room, I know that I won't wake him up.

You do need strong body to carry that bag full of stuff for hours though. All of that weight is jusy hanging on one of your shoulders.

Deleted member 27989

I find if i keep my stuff in a bag,its never the right stuff i need :)

Yes, or that I always take out the either the same set of lenses or fully load up my bag with stuff I am not going to use anyway...

But each to their own...

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