Photocopier capacity question and which base level model ?

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    We have a MitaDC-1260 desktop copier and it looks like the C64 (thermistor) error code means that it is beyond sensible repair.
    It looks like we shall have to get something much newer.
    An early browse shows lots of all singing and dancing machines that are both computer printer linked and photocopier .
    However, cartridges are very expensive when compared to the plain toner Mita ones and no where can I find a figure that says how many copies can be run from one cartridge refill.
    All we need is a photocopy facility, must be desktop size, not a huge floor standing tower. I don't need fax or photo printing or really even the computer printer link.
    Can anyone suggest a base , entry level machine but more important, what is the number of copies that each refill will do, just black, no need for colour photocopy at all. Ideally just a photocopier would do but I rather suspect that we will have to get one of the 'does everything' machines.
    Thanks for any help/advice info etc


    Cheers and thanks

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