photobox now allowing prints from flickr

richard plumb

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got some spam from them today.

This could be a good solution to my previous problem of uploading 200 images to photobox for printing, and having to upload a bunch *again* for sharing on flickr. Now I can just put them on flickr and print from there.

Do flickr compress the original picture you upload at all?


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I spent hours and hours last week replacing all the photos that I'd uploaded only in the large size, with the originals just so I could take advantage of this. Why the hell I didn't do this from the beginning I don't know.
As far as I can tell, Photobox will use the 'original' size, ie the largest size that you uploaded to flickr. My problem was that for ages I'd selected to upload to flickr at the 1024x768 size, hence me needing to replace those ones with the orignal sizes. But to clarify, flickr doesn't compress unless you specify to at the upload stage (I use the easy uploader tool for XP).
I know Photobox can be a bit hit and miss with print quality, but I reckon I'll give it a whirl for a while as, like you say, it'll save a lot of hassle if I can upload and print from flickr and not have to upload to another server (kodak one for example takes ages).

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