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Greg Hook

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Not sure which forum this is best suited to so just posting here.

At work, we would like to get a screen in reception, that can be running a slide show of various photographs we have stored on our computer system, and also use the screen to display a few welcome messages aswell.

Any ideas how this can be done without needing to get another computer?


The Dude

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is there a PC on/near reception?

If there is, you could bung a Dual-output VGA card in that, and get a TFT panel wall mounted as the second display device...?

Greg Hook

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There is a PC about 10/15 feet away from where we would want the screen. Would that be close enough?


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Sounds like a digital signage solution but I think these things are quite expensive. More than an extra computer anyway.

The Dude

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yeah.. 15ft shouldn't be a problem at all... I think you can buy VGA cables up to 10m length so well inside the limits...

It should work out OK like that, install a dual outlet card in the nearest PC, install a wall mounted TFT in reception, and then use powerpoint or similar to display photos/messages out on the remote display only...

you need to leave the app running on the host PC, but it wouldn't be visible to the PC user so not too much of a headache...


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I wanted the same for personal photographs. I found something on ebay (but there are companies that sell them directly) called a Digital Photo Frame.

Basically it's a 10" TFT screen with a surrounding frame (mine's in silver but other colours are available) and has 1 lead for the power. I takes in a CF or smartmedia card which holds your photographs and then displays them in a slideshow (you can change the timings from 5 seconds to 15,30 or 60).

I think there's a website called something like - just type it into google. I can attach some pitcures later if you want.

Hope this is helpful.


Greg Hook

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Great, thanks for the suggestions. Will have a look through them today.


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Hello again,

just to correct the web address - there is a web site called which lists some of the frames I looked into - I have the 10" one with the red ferrari on it. Couple of things to note :

1) TFT's need viewing straight on - lean it back (as per a normal photo) and the picture can become washed out
2) resolution is a key - my 10" one is 800*600 but up close it looks a bit blurry (if you can stretch it go for a higher resolution

I didn't buy my frame from them - some guy on ebay was importing them (so I have an adaptor for the american power supply) so I cannot say whether they are any good or not - the site gives a good idea of what's available though and should give you some idea of what's available.

Hope you find a resolution.

Cheers, Ken


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VGA male to female here: Get in touch with Joe Fernand if you only want a single lead.

We use these all the time at work and they're as good as VGA goes. Unless you have or plan to use a dedicated VGA DA then I wouldn't want to extend beyond about 20m on VGA.

It's possible to go even further by using DAs (perhaps to multiple screens in the future) or breaking out to BNC connections although that cable will be much thicker.

You could then run from the nearest computer available although it may be easier to dig out a dusty old 486 or early Pentium and use that since what you have in mind will be well within it's capabilities. :)

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