Photo edits (rotations) not displaying on Panasonic Viera TV


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I made adjustments to some photos using Windows viewer, mostly just rotating some pictures that were upside down. I put those on an SD card and tried to view them with my Panasonic Viera but it always displays the photos in the pre-rotaton status. I then tried uploading the photos to Google Photos and doing the rotation in the cloud before downloading them. Again, Viera displays the photos in the pre-rotation status. I tried rotating them using the rotation feature of Viera, which it works, but it cannot be saved. So after the single viewing session it resorts back to the un-rotated status. Is this something that I can address on the Viera side or is there something I need to do on the Windows/Google end? Thanks.
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Sounds like you need to use an option or program that will make a permanent change to the file, rather than a change that's only visible with the program you use to edit.

Try right-clicking on the file within Windows Explorer and use the rotation options available there. If it's a problematic file you've previously rotated, you might need to rotate it right round through 360 degrees.

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