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Hi all

I have a question about phones / camera's / mp'3 players.

I am going travelling for a year in November, and I will need each of the above to take with me.
I will want a tri-band phone which will work in Australia, be able to take high quality digital camera pictures and preferably movies, and be able to listen to 5-10gb of music mp3's.

Q1. Is there a phone on the market that will allow me to do all of these? Or should I buy seperate devices?

Q2. Should I buy this phone/these devices in Aus when I get there or before I go?

Q2. I have now been on my current 12 month cashback phone contract for 15months(I cannot claim cashback anymore and the phone is knackerd) I will need a phone between now and the time I leave.

I am leaving in 6 mnths, as far as i'm aware all of the phone contracts are 12 or 18 months contracts aren't they? does anybody know if it's possible to get a 6 month phone contract? If not then I guess this only leaves one option : pay as you go.

Any help is appreciated:smashin:



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I don't think there is any phone that has more than 4GB of memory on it, so that may be an issue.

Also, while there are good camera phones out there (N73, K800i, N95) they do not come close to a standalone imo. If I were travelling I'd definitely use my standalone to capture the precious memories. Camera phones are good to have just for day to day use.

I don't think there is any provider that gives six month contracts so PAYG is probably your best option.


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You could try the N91 8Gb. That will go some way to handling your music needs and it has a camera. Unfortunately this phone is only available SIM free from Nokia and a couple of other stores for around £429 but I am sure if you shop around you might find it cheaper. It's also quad band so it will work in Australia and the States.

I have the N91 4Gb which is pretty cool. It's the first Nokia I have had in a long time. The controls are on the front and I get about 10 hours of playback from it. It's not the lightest phone in the world, weighing in at 134g but you get used it especially considering the case is metal and it's made in Finland rather than China.

Later in the year, the Apple iPhone will be released in 4Gb and 8Gb flavours. It is expected to be delivered to Europe in Q4 this year. I am personally waiting for this to be released as I think it will be a cracking phone.

Other than this phone, Tejstar is right. The next two options N91 4Gb (which is still available on contract, albeit harder to get hold of) and the Sony Ericsson W950i. The SE doesn't have a camera. Mobile review have a comparison of the two.

Alternatively you can buy a phone that will support a 4Gb card. Some will only support 2Gb cards which mean storing your collection over multiple cards and swapping. With the size of the memory cards, there is the chance of loosing them.

BTW Australia uses 900Mhz and 1900Mhz frequencies similar to Europe so all GSM phones will work there.


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I didn't realise they was a 8GB version of the N91! I thought they stopped selling the N91's a while back!

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