Phone stolen - £300 calls made


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Lost it on a night out on my way home late at night, so couldn't cancel it until the next morning. In this time over £300 of calls was made. I have no insurance, so O2 says I am liable and will have to set up a payment plan when the bill comes through.

I have stopped the direct debit, but the bank says they might try and set it up again. What else can I do? Am I screwed?


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I would say that if you reported it to the police that night then you would have virtually no problems..

I'm guessing you didnt..

So I would imagine you're screwed yeah


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Sorry to hear that mate, happened to me a few years ago, which is why I always put a PIN lock on my mobiles now.

Once you've reported it to the police (make sure you do) you should be able to use the phone bill to trace the calls, might help work out who has your phone.


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I had a PIN lock on it but the phone was turned on when it was taken.

Just reported it at the station, waited for about 45 minutes and they gave me a log number and told me to come back. Is it even worth it?

I'm going to see if I can claim it on my dad's house insurance, other than that just try and refuse to pay and see what happens.


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speak to your dad's insurance company or see if your dad has some sort of legal cover, speak to the solicitors of the insurance company, they might be able to help.

Alternatively try and make sense with the mobile phone company. they might make an allowance for you having been a good, long term customer (if you have been one)


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Until the phone is reported lost or stolen you are liable for the calls made on it - harsh in cases like this but your screwed im afraid.


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I was always told if you keep you IMEI [15 digit No] number handy and if your phone gets lost or nicked you can ring up Orange or you provider quoting this number ,your phone will be instantly switched off. Usless to anyone after that . Have'nt tried it as I have'nt lost a phone YET , I dont even have any sim/phone locks activated. I would be sorry if it happened too .
Can they not trace the numbers your phone .............phoned ?? I'm sure they could if they wanted too.Might not do any good , but I'd be curious to see if the culprit/s could be traced .


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Well I reported it. They took nearly 3 hours to take a statement, but they got me and the 2 dudes on CCTV heading towards each other, but not the actual pickpocketing, and I gave them a printout of my itemised bill.

They told me about that IMEI number, which I didn't know about. I presume o2 blocked it when they blocked the sim though.

Fingers crossed.

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