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Any one recently moved from BT to Virgin? If you have did they connect a new phone socket next to the BT socket or did they plug in their wires into the BT socket?

I understand that the master socket is BT's, so VM cannot touch it. We have our alarm plugged into it, so when moving to VM wound need the same connection but into the VM socket. I presume they would add a new socket and move the alarm wires from the BT socket into their own socket?

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Hi, I recently moved from Talktalk using the BT socket to Virgin for Broadband and Phone. In my case the BT socket is no longer used at all and my phone connects into the back of the Virgin Hub - no additional socket on the wall needed. Which was great as that is in a better location than my master Socket was. I have the most recent Super hub 3 I think it is.

As for your alarm I dont think the Virgin engineer will touch it - how is it connected, I mean is it a plug going into a socket or is it wired in directly somehow. As you say the master socket cannot be touched by anyone other that BT so if its attached to any other socket in the house then its yours to change.

If its just plugged in you going to need to ensure your virgin cable enters at the same point as your alarm wiring plug so they can reach each other easily or get a extension cable ready.

NOTE - I dont know if phone in the router is standard now, in the last few years I have friends who have got sockets fitted but its what I got in march.
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Thank you for replying. My problem is that we have the alarm connected at the master socket so hopefully VM can add a new one and connect it to that.


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As above, telephone into virgin hub direct.
Basically VoIP, I'd check with virgin about alarm, and the alarm company too.
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