phone scam. PDS parcel delivery service.

Duncan G

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Our local Trading standards office have warned us about a scam.

If you get a card through your door saying there is a parcel to collect and to ring 0906 66119911 then DONT. This is a premium rate number, you get charged £15 as soon as the phone is answered. The scam is based in Belize.

Contact the royal Mail Fraud on0207 2396655 or icstis are teh premium rate regulators and are investigating this scam.


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This particular scam has been running off and on for months. I remember receiving an email from a friend in the Thames Valley Police about this some time ago.


This scam was briefly happening last December and was quickly stopped by icstis who closed down the number and froze the assets from it.

This scam has not been happening since that time so if your local Trading standards office really did just warn you of this (as opposed to this being a post of a chain letter) they are sending out rather out of date pointless info. (Though of course in general people need to be aware of premium rate scams).

As has been mentioned above the £15 connection charge is an urban myth tacked onto the chain letter by people to spice it up, you can only be charged a maximum of £1.50 a minute for a premium rate number.

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