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Sorry for the Noob question. I saw this in the FAQ:

Q: Do I have to have the phone line connected?
A: Yes, you should, for 12 months after installation. It is needed during installation to activate the box. After that the box will work without it connected (assuming you don't buy additional payable services that need it), but if you disconnect it during the first 12 months they are likely to repeatedly contact you by letter to reconnect it, and can ultimately charge you an additional £100 to cover the cost of the non-subsidised box (which costs £399).
What does the phone line connection actually do? Is it used for Box Office payments, etc or does it make no odds at all?

I have HD coming on the 4th September and at the moment I don't have a phone socket anywhere near my living room where the box will be installed. I really don't want to have to go to the expense of having a socket fitted if it makes no difference...only problem is activation of the box, although I maybe able to rig up an extension lead just for the purposes of this...any advice?


Please, please, please use the search facility, this has been covered too many times now. :lesson: Apologies for being unhelpful but I'm sure you can understand the frustration.

EDIT: Anyway, doesn't the FAQ you quoted explain it anyway - "assuming you don't buy additional payable services that need it" - doesn't that sort of answer your question. :rolleyes:


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Apologies, I have searched and found an answer...

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