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Hi there I actualy joined to ask this question I did a quick search but couldn't realy find anything that helped,

Heres the situation I had sky+ hd installed in the living room a few months ago and got a normal sky box in my bed room with multi-room

then i wanted to move the tele from the corner to the centre of the wall no more than 2/3 feet becuase the tele was too big for the corner anyway I had to extend the cables from the dish and re-threaded the phone line through the wall, but then found out the phone line from upstairs wasn't long enough to reach the sky+ hd so it's no not connected to the phone line and just got a letter saying if I don't connect it I will have to pay double which is fine but I'm not sure what type of cable is used for the phone line on sky boxes?

Also I've got the Sky HD Box connected to the phone line but when I try to use a service that needs it, it says it can't connect is this becuase the multi-room box is not connected to the phone line or when I moved it have I re-connected it wrong?

Thanks for any help in advanced



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The Sky boxes use a standard modem lead, which has a RJ11 plug on the Sky end, and a BT plug on the other end. You can buy longer leads from most electrical stores. Make sure you ask for a modem lead, not a phone extension lead. You should be able to find them up to 10m long with no difficulty.

I suspect you have plugged the phone lead into the network socket on the HD box, and this is now unable to connect. A simple (and common) mistake to make. Carefully remove the plug. Don't try and force it out as you can damage the socket, and plug it into the correct socket.

Hope this helps.

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