phone choice - your opinions?


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I'm after a new phone. Really want iphone 4s, but really feel i can't justify the expense.
So, without breaking the back, which of these options would be best? I'd like something with good camera, easy/quick to surf internet, straightforward to use, not enormous, good reliability. Around £25 per month for 18 month contract is my target price (less great, a few pennies more ok)
htc sensation; xe; incredible s
noka lumia
samsung G S2, galaxy w,
sony ericson experia arc s

Or, 2nd hand iphone?
really worried about ebay purchase and thought of phone being barred etc, so was thinking of one the outlets that looks more trade rather than individual punter iyswim? In which case I could stretch to £300 cash (and £10 giff gaff). Would thta get me a decent iph 4 or would that price mean 3gs?
In which case would the other non-iphones be better?

As you can see I've confused myself!
Just hoping someone who's quite familiar with the world of phones could advise! thanks....


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Check out the For Sale section of this forum and see what falls into budget. Far safer than eBay and plenty to choose from.


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thank, will have a look. But also slightly nervous of the pitfalls - eg any way to ensure someone doesn't block the phone in the future? Or how do you know it's not stolen?
Also, confused about these insurance replacement ones - (think that's mainly on ebay) don't understand how it works but somehow sounds dodgy?
... which makes me think get a shiney new one free from any dodgy-ness!
but which one? Or is iphone really lots better?


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Not experienced Windows OS, but I have tried both iOS and Android. To be honest, iOS is more polished than Android but Android comes a very close second and when ICS lands early next year it really will be hard to choose between the two!

I am biased to the S2 as I have that phone, but it really is a fantastic device. The added benefit is I now have it looking exactly as I want it due to the customization options that Android gives you.

I would go for a new phone if I was you, back up of a proper warranty. But stay away from ebay, too many stories of blocked and dodgy phones.


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I've only had it for a little while but I think the Motorola Atrix on T Mobile for 15.32 per month for 24 months is a great deal. 100 minutes and texts per month,500 mb data plus a booster like unlimited landline calls or texts.


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I'm in a similar position , my contract runs out on Friday . I had a look today and really fancy the galaxy s2 . I had htc desire and really liked it , I swapped it for an iPhone 3G , which I like , but to be honest I missed the android pretty quick . I like being able to plug into iTunes and sync films and music.
Im thinking htc sensation , which comes with some dre headphones at the moment .
Galaxy s2 - not played with so can't comment
Or possibly iPhone 4s
Or something else

Choices choices


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My wife recently got the Xperia Arc S for £24 pm , phone was free,500 mins, 2000 text and 3000 3 to 3 call + 1 GB internet, we both really like the Sony.
Nice classy phone, decent battery life and a nice good size screen.
Im pretty sure it can link up to ITunes as well


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Another vote for the Xperia Arc S or the Atrix, looking at around the £15 a month tariff. My wife has the Arc, and to be fair, it is one of the few Android phones that has impressed me. Whatever SE have done to it, it just works slickly and reliably, and ICS is coming to it next year. Decent enough battery life, which if you are new to Android, is something critically important to consider...


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I went for the galaxy s2 in the end. Loving it so far , makes me wonder why i gave up android in the first place , i love the customisation of it. Sound and video are just supeb and it plays whatever format i throw at it. Plus orange give discounts to council and nhs workers meaning my contract went down front 36 a month to 27 . Result

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