Anybody out there know if you can get old retro gamers on the PS2? I am really after Phoenix, but cannot see that this is on any console?



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Well you can't get it on the PS2 as far as I'm aware but you can get it on MAME which means its playable on either PC or modded xbox.


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There was a Pheonix/Pleadies pack released for the DC a while back.


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hi, the best way to play exact, original retro arcade games is using an 'emulator'. This is just a fancy word for a program that emulates original consoles or arcade machines. The best emulator for classic, retro arcade machines is called 'MAME'. Multi Arcade Machine Emulator. I also have an atari and spectrum emulator. There are numerous versions of MAME around. I have a great version called MAME32. I use it on Win98, but I think it works on XP too. Go to for more info. As well as the emulator program, you have to get the games. Theses are referred to as ROMS. These ROMS used to be distributed on the Internet for free, but have become increasingly hard to find. I have all the most famous games, including Phoenix saved on my PC, which I would be happy to e-mail you, as they are only 8 kb, per ROM! Slightly different size to todays games! However, the emulator is 10MB. I have it uploaded to my yahoo briefcase if you wanted to download it, or i could send you a CD-R with the games and emulators.


space invaders at the gadget shop or toys r us ,one of then 5 games in 1 handheld things.phonix is the fifth game on it

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