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Afternoon all

Im just after some advice really.

Ive recently just bought 2 12" Hifonics Titans12D4's
Peak: 800 watts
RMS: 400 watts
Impedance: Dual 4 ohms

I got done over on an ebay amp but managed to get a phoenix gold this morning.

The BBG (by pheonix gold) A4.75 4 channel job.

Into 4 ohms stereo @ 14.4Vdc: 150w (RMS) x 4
Into 2 ohms stereo @ 14.4Vdc: 240w (RMS) x 4
Into 4 ohms Bridges @ 14.4Vdc: 480w (RMS) x 2

Now I want to try and get the best out of both my subs and amp.

The only ways I can see this is either by running each VC to a channel giving each coil 150W
an 8 ohm signal from each sub ? which will give each sub 240 ?

Can anyone just clarify and give me some help?

is it not possible to (and bear with me here)
Run each voice coil independantly but bridge them ( I.E run a pos from one coil to one pos channel and the neg from that coil to another channel, and do this for each sub) so that each voice coil will try and pull 240 rms?

at the minute ive got them wired like this (just inside the enclosure)
So ive got a set of terminals per sub on the side of the enclosure both pulling a 2ohm load at the minute.

If I ran a cable from the pos on one terminal to two positives on the amp and the neg to another two on the amp (and do the same for the other sub)

This would essentially be 4 x 2 ohm stereo loads (4x240RMS) ?


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would this work?

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