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:) already got a phillips 37 ins sd plasma and its very good , only complaint i have is scaling on flesh etc, fancy a 42 ins hd soon and noticed phillips are very competitive :eek: to say the least been offered 42 ins hd for around 1300 £ today and saw all the specs not hd :nono: the buisness so whats the score anyone got or seen one working in home set up this was curries on a bank of scarts but still looked good:D


phillips 42pf7520 1300£ also phillips bdh4222 for similar £. other favoured models LGx5 under 1500 £ now and just seen hitatchi 7200 close to 1400£ so the choice is almost confusing:)


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Checked Dutch consumer site for you. Can't find anything on the 4222.
These are the comments on the 7520. Hopefully this babelfish translation makes any sense. :rotfl:

Mrc: We have had these plasma TV since august 2005. what a splendidly sharp picture and nevertheless quiet to the eyes. Also of near a very well picture and very clear (pixel plus). Most of the plasma TV's has such a grey waas concerning the picture. The design is terribly beautiful and tight. Easily to serve and skilfully to change if of picture format (5 possibilities) you will look at a Dutch tallow show or film e.g. to. In the beginning I had get used just as because it looks at differently than an ordinary TV, but that is after 3 days gone. If I look at now to an ordinary TV I am glad that we these plasma has TV (a trimester in possession)

sound quality 9 picture quality 10 possibilities 9 ease of use 9 design 10 sustainabilities?

08-12-2005 SDD: I these plasma has had one long weekend in possession, afterwards brought back. The TVs of Philips have a not equaled acerbity at stationary pictures, for example at subtitling or contexts, however when there something moves, for example a face, then is clearly visible that or an other technical pinch (pixel plus?) cubes and ' onscherpte ' cause. Already in earlier review report was made of ' strange ' impact at the film sharktale, this is also at the film NEMO clearly visible, I pay attention nag another one very slightly disturbing hyphens dubbelbeeld achtig indicator to water!! further once had even when had only been connected blame the DVD, according to me to built in DVB-T the decoder... . All in all complete very jammer because with regard to design is it a beautiful baffle, I have now chosen for LG 42PX4RV, these have much more possibilities and lie with regard to price 500 euro lower, welliswaar no HD Ready but if I 500euro on bank puts then am possible I as HDTV break through (in 2010,; -) according to me, however, buy a new TV; -) How the picture of the LG must I still afwchten because I have the TV not yet within (a couple days in possession)

sound quality 8 picture qualities 6 possibilities 6 eases of use 9 design 10 sustainabilities?

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