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just got a phillips DVDR880 for a bargin, it was a display model i think, without box etc.

when i insert a retail dvd it spins it around abit and then says 'no disc'.

cds play fine, havnt tried vcds yet though. and i dont have any dvd+r

just wondering if this is a hardware/laser problem or not as cds will play, or if it can be fixed with a firmware update.

im not sure if i will be able to get a replacement from the shop i bought it from as it was for clearance, i will only be able to get a refund and loose out on the bargain.

what is phillips stance on this, can i just send it to them to be fixed or replaced? or will they just tell me to bogoff as it was ex-display?



You don't want to hear this but, the 880 and 890 have had many problems over the years. Philips have tried to fix them with firmware upgrades but they still happen.

The problems don't occur until the recorder is at least a few months old. Problems I have seen are unrecognised discs, failed recordings and not recording at all.

To usually get the sort of problem you have, it probably has been used already.


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Take it back,
I have one which I hardly use as I have the HS2 as well.
All I can say is I bought the HS2 in light of Philips' problems, it MAY be a return, either way still not a good prospect for the future.


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righty o, looks like its going back.
thanks for the replies

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