Phillips Hue On TV Against Wall

I have a Phillips Hue on the back of my TV, which is a 55-inch Sony Bravia. The TV sits on top of a unit, so it is about a foot (probably less) away from the wall.

I love the Hue. It allows me to light most of the room in any colour I want. If I fancy pink lighting for the room (well, half of it), the Hue allows me to do this.

I've been thinking about putting the TV on the wall, but I've just realised this will probably "miminise" the lighting effect. Does anyone have experience with this?


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I've got both an ambilight TV and a normal TV with a standard Hue lightstrip behind it that are wall mounted. Personally I prefer the effect of backlighting a wall mounted TV but that's just my preference,

I've mounted the hue strip so it's shining outwards all the way round to maximise the effect. Could you push the TV back to the wall to get an idea of what it will look like first?
The unit can't go right back (due to all the plugs etc) so I'll have to get someone to lift the TV close to the wall, then I'll stand back to see the difference.


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That's also a good option 😀

My lightstrip is actually mounted to the wall using some self adhesive cable clips similar to these

Amazon product
(The ones on the left in the product image)

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