Phillips Hue Lightstrip Plus Problem


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Morning All,
I have an issue with some Lightstrips I bought recently. Strangely I have found absolutely nothing on the web about this although I am sure it must be a fairly common issue.
About a year ago, I bought some Hue Lightstrips and put them up in my cellar. After enjoying them for a while I decided to extend the system and a month or so ago I bought 3 one metre extension packs.
I was surprised to find the extensions did not fit my original light strip – the connectors were smaller on the new ones and without getting the soldering iron out there is no way that they are going to fit. The packaging is exactly the same for the original system and the extension, with no clue whatsoever that they could be incompatible.
The only explanations I can think of are:
1. I am missing something very obvious.
2. Phillips have changed the design without telling anybody and this has seemingly gone under the radar of everybody who has recently tried to extend their ‘older’ system (unlikely).
3. I have somehow managed to buy knock off or Lightstrips intended for another region – The original strips were direct from Amazon and the extensions from the O2 shop so I would be surprised if this was the case.
Please help – it’s driving me slightly insane!
I have tried to attach a photo showing the disparity between the connectors. New on the left and old on the right.
Many thanks,


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Seb Briggs

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I am not sure its this as I dont use Hue but there are two ranges of Hue Lightstrip

Lightstrip and Lightstrip Plus

Could it be they use different connectors


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Hi, thanks for this, they are both Lightstrip plus - I have attached a photo of the packaging as although similar the recent strips came in a smaller box than my original system.


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Wow, thanks for finding this - i guess that explains a lot but how confusing! It is quite annoying too as I now have a load of useless extensions and it is difficult to know which one you may be buying over the web as this incompatibility is not flagged up. I guess my best bet is to go back to O2 and see if I can return them. I wonder what the difference is and what the Bluetooth logo is for? I can control my V3 lights perfectly well from the app or via Alexa.
Thanks for your help.

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