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ok i got the Phillips HTS3357 (home cinema system) and i wanted to get the sound from my ps3 and sky digital box to play though the speakers. i went to an electronics shop yesterday and they said that i needed to buy a auxillery cable (the one with a red and white bits at each end) and just plug it from the back from my lcd to the main part of the Phillips HTS3357 so i brought it got home and realised that my tv has no auxillery output, Nooo. so now i only have the cables from my sky digital box stright to the phillips hts3357 without using the phiilips speakers for my ps3.
so can anyone tell me if there is another way of getting the sound from both my ps3 and sky box to play through the phillips speakers
i could only think of 1 way which is getting an adapter that turns the aux input on my phillips into 2 sets of inputs so i can plug my sky box and ps3 in to the phillips hts3357 seperatly (if the adapter actually exists)
Pease HELP, ill give you 1 million pund if i becoume a billionaire when im older


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you want to connect the skybox's red/white audio outs,into the philips red/white AUX audio in's.(if the skybox has no optical,etc..)
and for the ps3,you will need one of these:
an optical - digital coax converter.
one of these:
an optical lead - from ps3,to the convertor.
then one of these:
a coax audio cable,from the convertor,to the philips.
that will allow you to get 5.1 from the ps3,through the philips speakers.

if your sky box,has an optical out,then you will need 2 more optical cables,and one of these:
1 2to1 splitter,which will allow you to connect 2 optical cables into the convertor.
and finally,if so,remember you will need 3 optical cables in total,(1 from ps3,1 from skybox,and 1 going into the convertor,so 3 in total).
thats the only way,with the system you have..

if your skybox,has a digital coax audio out,then i would stick with the convertor,above,and i guess you would have to resort to swapping the coax leads(into the philips) for whatever you watch/play.


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Thanks alot RottenFox
that site you linked me too is really cheap
why cant my tv just have an aux out like most normal tvs then i would need just one cable
PS.ill add you on ps when i get the chance

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