Phillips HTS2500 - Blackout using Component Connection


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I am having a consistent problem when watching DVDs on my Phillips Home cinema system (HTS2500), as this is DVD player related I hope I have got the right sub-forum (new here).

The problem is random sporadic black outs - I still get sound (as this goes straight to speakers) but the picture blacks out for 1-2 seconds when using a component connection (YpBpR).

I have tried all-sorts of minor alterations to my set up - changing wires, TV and DVD settings, but nothing works.

At the moment the black outs appear to be the result of turning on or off of a fluorescent light fitting in the room next door, but it has also occurred from people opening and closing doors, but it doesn't appear to be a vibration problem.

The problem is also component connection specific - it works fine on composite (but obviously on a slightly lower quality)

I was wondering if there was any chance a light switch/fitting could interfere with the connection, or electrical fields or something else I don't understand so would some form of filter help?

so can anyone helps or offer any suggestions :lease:

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