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Feb 6, 2004
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Hi, My PJ is as per the topic.

I was looking at ceiling mounting the PJ but cannot for the life of me see any screws on the bottom of it to fix it to the celing and yet in the manual and a online piccy i've seen of one they are mounted upside down on the ceiling. anyway got any ideas am I being dumb or are the mounts hidden away somewhere?

I'm looking in 2 or 3 months to upgrade to a panasonic AE700 or so and was thinking of getting the LMP Universal mount at £85 with a longer bar to hang further down from the ceiling and later on just swap out the Phillips for the AE700 but my plans will be a bit screwed if I cannot work out how to mount the darn Phillips jobbie.


These projectors are the same as a Phillips B-sure. There are 3 ways of mounting them. 1 get a gyroloc from They have feet that slide into slots underneath. Otherwise they can do a ceiling kit that looks like the stuff you see the plasmas in tescos hanging from the ceiling with. Both of these are expensive and the second looks pants.
3rd option.......Some suppliers make a "cradle" bracket that ANY projector will fit into and most are reasonable priced. Try They had those sort of brackets, not sure if they deal with the public but worth a shot.
Try contacting the sellers on Ebay but remember a universal bracket wont work, it has to be a cradle not a suspension, explain it to them.
You never know!!!!!
Philips did do a bracket to fit the Garbo - it hooks in under rubber grommets. I don't know where you will get a new one now since Philips pulled the plug on PJs, but Chris Frost may be a good person to contact via a PM.

Mr Ed.
Chris would be a good suggestion... he's who I got the projector from.

To be honest I think i'll have a hunt round for a cheap "cradle" but i'll probably end up just leaving it on a table, or something similar until I actually buy a new (secondhand) projector that can easily be ceiling mounted.

Thanks for your help guys.


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