Phillips 9617 patchy screen question.



I've read on the forums about this problem and after a trip down Totty Court Road, witnessed it on one screen. Another screen however did not show this.

Question : Does the set develop this problem over a period of time or does it show up immediately?

well i`ve got the 32pw9576 & this has a patchy screen you can see it all the time on football or when ever the camra pans the screen.i`m getting a replacement & if this is the same & nothing can be done i will be getting a refund as it put me off watching football.& that is a big no no.
My five month old 32PW9617 has no patches on its screen all all. Initially there were some patches, but they cleared up within a month or so. (I still check regularly to make sure they aren't back and so far it's fine :D )
Was the set delivered with the problem or did it start to appear over a period of time?
RYAN it was deliverd that way.

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