Phillips 7000 LED series ambilit DAC

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Hi All.
Hope you virus free out there.
New here but don’t see an intro thread 😯
I have a first gen model of this tv 55” made in Holland with only two ambilite side strips. Best picture I’ve ever had, beats my previous Sony plasma hands down. Anyway I’m playing a lot of music through it using the headphone out to an integrated amp (no optical) and it does sound good but I’m thinking of possibly going the external DAC route however that’s probably not much use unless it’s an improvement on the Phillips internal DAC but I cannot find any info on it. Does anyone here know what the quality of this DAC is? Hope this isn’t too dumb a question but I can’t think how else to frame it.
Thanks in advance
Ps What kind of $ amount would I need to spend to improve on the Phillips, or would it sound better using optical out anyway?


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Apologies, but seeing your age (from your profile) I doubt you'll notice any difference as our hearing, especially the high frequencies deteriorate as we get older.

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Point taken Jaycee lol however I would still like to know if anyone can help?
* haha I must have hit the wrong key. I’m 41 not 81. Ur probs still right tho as I’ve been surfing since I was 13 so my inner ears would look like mini reefs by now anyway.
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