phillips 643 hack


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does anyone know of a region hack for the phillips 643,


To convert this player for multi-region playback

This hack should work on all Philips DVD players with any firmware version, and other similar models by manufacturers such as Grundig, Marantz and Yamaha

Please note that if you experience problems with this hack you can obtain firmware version 7.03 and later by visiting the following website to obtain files that you can burn to a CD-R and flash your unit to the new version.

1a. The following uses the machines own remote control:

Press the Open/Close button on the player
Press the 1 button on the remote control
Press the 5 button on the remote control
Press the 9 button on the remote control

1b. If the above does not work, you will have to send the infra-red code RC6 (aka Codeset 4, Key 235 in nerd-speak) to your player with a OneForAll remote such as the OneForAll 6 (or URC7560) or OneForAll 4 Digital with the following instructions:

Configure your remote using the setup code 0539
Press the Magic button
Enter the code 085
If you own a Palm Pilot, you may also use Pacific Neo-Tek's OmniRemote software to generate the RC6 code using a downloadable .pdb file.
Download the .pdb file into your Palm Pilot
Press the OmniRemote key marked as 955 Multizone
If you do not own either of the above units, it is possible to construct a cheap DIY solution by following instructions at the following website.

NB: Sending these codes to some players, such as the Philips DVDR-980, requires you to select a DVD player remote on the unit as the default IR device, as opposed to the DVD recorder remote it is factory set to. Please consult your player documentation to find out how to do this.

2. The onscreen display should show 11 spaces like this: '-----------'
3. Using the number keys on your DVD player's remote control, enter the code 222 222 005 255. Note that this is 12 digits and the last digit will not show on the on-screen display.

NOTE: For players such as the Philips DVDR-980, DVDR-985 and DVDR-1000 units, you will need to use the code 121 212 005 255 instead.
4. Press the Play button on your DVD player's remote control
5. The onscreen display should now show the words No Disc
6. Power off your DVD player, wait 10 seconds and then power back on.



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thanks for the help...........
i looked on the site you mentioned but it does'nt list my model number.:confused:
any ideas.

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