Question Phillips 58" PUS7304 vs Samsung 65" RU8009


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Hi folks,

It would be great if you can give some buying advices.

So I'm in the market of mid-range, last year TVs, 'cause I'm not keen on spending a grand for telly, and now it's the time that the (half)-decent models from last year got hit by price drop.

My uses would probably as follow (in order of importance/frequency):
  1. Watching News/TV Shows.
  2. Smart TV features (Internet, Home Automation hubs)
  3. 4K/HDR Movie
  4. Casual gaming with Nintendo Switch or Laptop via HDMI.
For 1 and 3 I'd really prefer for smooth remote play and/or casting from my Android phone (Samsung).

Now, given my apartment is simply small (the area for living room is around 8 sq. m, distance from couch to TV would be ~ 1.5 - 2m), I initially opt for 55 inchers.
However acording to this TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science it makes sense to get bigger with 4K resolution.

I have the following options for effectively the same price at local shop:

  • Samsung RU8009: 65 Inch
I have read this is a downgrade from 2018 NU8009, and seem to be hated by some part of Home theater enthusiast community (see reddit). However, for my uses (see above), I don't think the brightness flop is so significant. I don't own HDR content (no Bluray player), and probably my only source of HDR content is those compressed stream from Netflix/Amazon Prime, anyway.

It has native 100Hz panel, which smoother for motion interpolation, I'd assume and lower input ;ag, a nice, but not so essential addition to my casual gaming.

I like this TV since it has good color reproduction, decent black, and uniform grey,
Samsung Smart TV feature seems solid, I'd really hate laggy/crashy/"unknown error" pop-ups experience, and Samsung probably just because of popularity at stake, got this right. The modern One remote is a welcomed addition.

I have used the Smart Things a bit, and it integrates with some of my home automation stuff, like Phillips Hue really nice. I'd expect smooth interoperability with my Samsung phone also. (I would really use it a lot this way).

Finally it is an 65-incher, I'd reckon that I will have "should have get bigger one" guilt, and probbaly other imperfection are going to be balanced out by sheer immersiveness.

The aesthetic: I like the muted black plastic frames with brushed metal looks.

  • Phillips PUS7403: 58 Inch
This TV seems to be a solid mid-ranger, the 58 inch has VA panel instead of IPS, so I'd expect contrast would be not too shabby.

It also has ambilight, which I consider highly since I already have 90% of my light converted to Hue. This is gimmick, but super nice gimmick.

It also offers local dimming, not sure if it's a FLAD, though, with VA would be great for HDR content.
Android TV is a mixed bag, I have had not so great experience with Android STB in the past, but I read that this year model with Android 9 has a lot of kinks straightened out . It is nicer indeed to be able to install some APK that is normally not available on some Tizen/WebOS platform.

The aesthetic: not a fan of silvery plastic color, but the swiveling stand is most welcome.


So... What do you think, basically I can get either for around 650 EUR give and take...




Have you seen?

You are comparing a TV that is usually not good value and not a recommended model, with budget specifications (Philips 7 series) to a mid range model (Samsung RU8000).

Since the Samsung is larger and a higher end model you should definitely go for that TV.

Both will be using VA type panels, the Samsung a 120hz one. If you are undecided about panel type there's some info in the opening post of the guide to decide between IPS and VA. More hz means the TV will have less motion blur, input lag on all TVs is low now so you won't need to worry about that so much. More hz also means you get more flexibility to tweak motion controls and with Samsung models, more motion settings available in game mode.

For HDR content you need to set your sights higher than these TVs, think about upper mid range models in higher in the guide such as the Samsung Q70R or Sony XF9005. There's also a link in the opening post about HDR that should explain why.


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yes, I did some more research and inclining to the Samsung,

I have read your link, the Hisense 65U8B seems to be alternative for RU8000, but right now the 65 in variant is priced 200 EUR (~180 GBP) higher than RU8009. So it's no brainer.

Regarding HDR, it boils down to we get what we pay.. so I'm Ok with mediocre HDR, I think 60-70% of the content I watch would be in SDR, anyway.
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