phillips 50pfp5532d wall bracket


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were can i get a proper phillips brackety from for this tv???
i have curtrently got a 42" phillips plasma that came witha very neat and tidy bracket .just has 2 holes to slide the tv into the bracket.
ive had a look on ebay and most if not all seem to be a universal fitting whcih look big and bulky .
what im after is a bracket that dosnt stick off the wall by alot ,my current bracket makes the tv stick out by about 70-100 mm whci is ideal
does anyone have a link to a bracket that will sort my needs out ??
thanks martin


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im not sure if a universial one would work m8 but if one would then a good place to get them is TV Brackets | TV Wall Brackets | LCD Wall Brackets | TV Wall Bracket | TV Wall Mounts | TV Bracket hope that may be some help if not good luck

thanks for the fast reply .
i think ill try and post a pic of the bracket that my current 42" uses .
looking through my user manual for the 42" it shows the different brackets that can be obtained and there is a 50£ version but i can not seem to find 1 anywere??


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