phillips 42pf9766/79The TV is a Phillips 42pf9766/79 Chassis FTP 2.2a aa HELLO ALL Ab

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    The TV is a Phillips 42pf9766/79 Chassis FTP 2.2a aa
    HELLO ALL About a month ago we heard the occasional sharp crack comming from the set i dont realy know if it was comming from the set or though the speakers then one night the sound went off shortly followed by the picture the set went into protection mode .
    Now when i press the start switch i get a blue L.E.D on the front for about 3 seconds then the red led flashes and the set goes into protection mode and shuts down .Onthe PSU THE 3 GREEN leds go on the top2 go off after a short time leaving the bottom one on .The red fault LED on the left hand side of the PSU does not come on . I took the PSU board out of the set and inspected all the Caps ,could not see any distortion or leakage but the transformer with a board id V3T 8005 with a tag KE 0447A had a slight discoloration like it could have been hot at sometime The voltage on the silk screen =VS 175 Volts my board is 9.1
    Vset= 173 Volts my board is 0Volts Vscan=60 Volts my board is 0Volts VCCS =18Volts my board is 132 volts.. The other voltages are as per silk screen .I disconnected xand y main boards and found no change to the voltage at the test pionts Any help with this fault would be greatly appreciated Cheers Shayn

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 08-26-2013, 07:18 PM

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