phillips 36pw9607



I Decided on getting the new sony 36fs76 then I saw this was voted tv of the year.I just wondered what your views were before I spend my hard earned cash.


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I liked the look of the set, so got one...first set came..geom was way out..sent it back...second set came...they scratched it bringing it in...sent it back...third one remote, but kept the remote from the one they were taking away,...oh yeah did I say they forgot to bring the stand first time then they brought two
depends on the picture you are watching, the best write up on the tv to tell you what its really like, and was true for me on every word is december edition of home entertainment.
for DVD switch everything off and watch just on 100hgz,
its a nice pic then, you need to play with it as you have so many the last part......the third set I got sitting in my room at the moment has a nice purple patern near the bottom of the screen..only sometimes mind you....just have to wait for then to pick it up as I had a refund. waiting to see the new sony or panny, hope this helps...but hey it could just be ME !!:clown:
p.s..the sounds good though.


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pixel plus is great did take a while to get useto .haylo effect can be anoyingh if you notice it.

To be honest im happy and i would buy it again if i was looking now.

Do a search for pixel plus or 9607 and see results most are happy compared to people that bought other Tv s.


Still think i was the first on these boards to own the 36PW9607 and am still loving the set.

I have not had one problem so far (touch wood) and the picture is fantastic.



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As said by spikeyboyo, cracking set, halo effect is there (sometimes) but you get used to it and for pure picture quality I have still to see another set that can match it.

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